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Abu Dhabi, UAE

Travel with Alexandria to Abu Dhabi

to visit her friend Dabya.
Experience food, religion, and adventure as the girls move throughout the city. The lesson for this book is how to be a peacemaker. 


Accra, Ghana

Join Alexandria as she visits her friend Esther in Accra, Ghana. 
Experience food, games, and uncover the history of colonization.

The lesson for this book explores the Year of Return. 

February 2021

Zomba, Malawi

Alexandria visits the family owned lodge of her friend Ulemu in Zomba, Malawi. Experience the wonderful markets and lakes in Zomba.
The lesson for this book centers around entrepreneurialism. 

March 2021

Seoul, South Korea

Let's travel to Seoul, South Korea where Alexandria visits her sibline friends Yuna and Min-ho. RIde on the fastest train in the world, visit cafes, palaces, and parks.

April 2021

What People Say


Maritza Dortrait

I am a mom and principal.
Love this! I absolutely love that you are encouraging CIVIC engagement here.
This is the work. 

Damion Taylor

The first step toward cultural understanding is exposure. This series allows me to expose my son to other cultures and teach the value of diversity.


Ruby Lin

I am a mother and educator in higher education. This series incorporates multicultural perspectives, lessons, and projects from around the world. 

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