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Our Story

We are educators who love to travel with our little one. As teachers overseas, we were not only able to learn from our host country, but we were also able to travel the world. With over 25 countries under our belt, it is time to share our love for travel with children. Our daughter is also a seasoned traveler at the tender age of 5. She has been jet-setting around the globe since she was 3 months. Come join us for travel knowledge, cultural knowledge, and general fun that you can enjoy. Whether you are a parent or an educator, come join us on our journeys around the world.

This Is Us!

We are a team of educators with over 30 years of combined experience in curriculum and instruction, pedagogy, instructional design, and e-learning development.

Dr. Marie Martin


Dr. Charles Martin


Marie Alexandria

Chief Inspiration Officer

Beanie Martin

Director of Recreation

Our Team


It all begins with our research. We try to make sure that we are not telling just the story of one, but the story of many. We are focused on equity and respect of each culture we write about. 


Syrine Salouhou
Director of Research


Cecily Allen
Lead Author

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Lauren Griffith
Art Director

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